Sweet Glazed Gammon

Serves: 4 people
Prep time: 15mins
Cooking time: 2hrs 30mins

Chef’s Tip: Delicious when served with log stem broccoli and my Perfect Roast Potatoes

Ingredients for the Meat

  • 1.3-5kg Gammon joint (unsmoked or smoked, it’s your preference)
  • 1 large or two small carrots
  • 1 onion or 1 leek
  • 2 sticks of celery
  • Handful of peppercorns
  • 4 bay leaves
  • Choose your Glaze (simply multiply the measurements up or down if you need more/less)

Honey Glaze

  • 65ml water
  • 65ml orange juice (smooth)
  • 65ml honey
  • 65g muscovado sugar (soft brown sugar)

Treacle Glaze

  • 65g light muscovado sugar
  • 65ml treacle
  • 65ml golden syrup
  • 65ml water


  • Place the gammon in a large pan of cold water that just covers the joint. Roughly chop the veg, and add along with peppercorns and bay leaves and bring to the boil. Then reduce the heat to a low simmer and cover for the cooking time for your joint. (25min per 500g, plus 20min).
  • Periodically skim the froth off the top if necessary.
  • Remove the meat pan from the heat and let it stand for 20-30mins to absorb the flavours
  • Preheat the oven to 190C/170C Fan/Gas Mark 4
  • At this point, you can make your glaze. Simply add all of the ingredients to a pan and bring to a fast simmer/almost boil. Simmer it until the glaze resting time is up.
  • Take the meat out of the pan and place it in a roasting dish with a little bit of the liquid to stop it from sticking.
  • If your gammon join has skin and a fat layer on it, use a knife to remove it.
  • Brush glaze all over the joint and then pour two thirds of the rest all over it (save some for serving).
  • Cook in the oven for 30mins, re-brushing with the glaze every 10mins.
  • You might want to cook it for a bit longer if the glaze isn’t quite sticky enough 🙂